Everyday Miracles

I grew up believing that miracles where those “acts of God” that only the truly blessed would ever experience.  As the years passed however I thought less of the religious perspective that defined a miracle and instead choose to see tiny miracles in every day events.

Here are some of the ones that come to mind for me:

  • Every morning I wake up grateful for a wonderful husband.
  • I live in an environment where safety and security exist.
  • My family is in good health and we are able to care for ourselves.
  • Jack & I are both working.
  • We are blessed with CJ and a bevy of cats that nurture our souls.
  • When I turn a switch there is light in my home and a fire in the fireplace.
  • Every day when I drive to and from work I get to see cows, horses & even a buffalo in Evan’s farm across the road.
  • There are literally hundreds of birds in my backyard enjoying seed from the feeder.

When I stop to realize the blessings in my life come from everyday not monumental events then everything is a miracle.

When was the last time you thought about the miracles in your life?  Try the Simple Step of giving thanks for the little things in your life:

  • Sit in your favorite place and look at your surroundings.  Say “Thank You” for each thought that pops into your head.
  • Observe your spouse or child.  Smile as you notice their movements, their expressions.  Give thanks that they are part of your life.

When you take the time to really “see” your life…that is when you will recognize that miracles exist.  And always have.

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