What Was I Thinking? Really?

The first week of my new job was…interesting.  Day one I wondered what the hell I had gotten myself into.  Day two I was obsessing over these issues that I’d heard about…but never experienced.  By the end of these two very long days I sat in my hotel room and reflected on my state of mind.  Given what my blog is about it was a good time to harness a Simple Step.

As I wrote down my thoughts I decided to a “pros & con’s” list.  Here is what is looked like:

Pro Con
Great people  
Smaller Company  
Employees are loyal to the company

and to the owners.

Owners are involved in every aspect

of the business.

Staff is focused on doing “what’s right”  
Staff appreciate that I understand the


Everyone is passionate about the company,

their role & doing the best that they can.

When I ask questions there is an open dialogue.  




Notice anything?  When I allowed my head to clear I realized that there wasn’t a “con” that I could think of.  Those first couple days were more about my adjusting to working again and working for a smaller company.


What are you doing that is keeping you from focusing on the positive aspects of your life?  Try the Simple Step that I did and see what adding a little perspective will do for you!


When I changed my thoughts to focus on all of the “Pros” I was able to relax and enjoy the rest of my week.  When I flew home last Thursday night I was exhausted and exhilarated!  Now that is what I call a great start!


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