Kindle the Fires in Your Life

It’s 11 degrees this morning.  We get these cold snaps a couple times during the Texas winters.  This year seems colder to us.

As I’m sitting here writing there is a roaring fire in the fireplace and I’m wrapped up in a blanket enjoying the peaceful morning.  When it’s cold outside I am grateful for the warmth of my home.

My step-daughter Shelly wrote about how her day started out. “I wanted to crawl back under the covers this very morning – I have been at work all week, I have not seen my husband in a week, the sun has not been out in I don’t know how long and I just generally felt crappy.”

Do you ever start a morning out feeling that way?  I know that I have.

What was cool though was how Shelly turned her morning around.  “I focused on the sounds of my kids rejoicing over a snow day, I cuddled with my latest rescue cat who is finally gaining weight and perking up and I instantly felt a little better about the day.”  In a matter of moments she went from wanting to hide under the covers to focusing on what is good.  She went on to comment,  “there is so much negative – while it is impossible to ignore, it’s so much better to put it on the back burner and find every little bit of good to focus on.”  I couldn’t have said it better!

If you kindle your fire with the good aspects of life the world won’t  seem to be as cold of a place anymore.  Try these Simple Steps to warm up your day:

  • Crawl under the covers in the morning, pull them up over your head and feel the warmth that envelopes you.  As you revel in that peacefulness give thanks for tiny blessings in your life.  That may be the blanket over your head, that you have a few minutes of peacefulness in the morning, the smell of coffee brewing or perhaps the softness of the sheets.  The goal here is to be grateful for what immediately surrounds you and recognize that blessings come in all sizes.
  • When you get out from under the covers stand up and stretch.  Feel the muscles of your body come alive.  Notice your surroundings and give thanks for your home, the colors in your room, the photo of your children on your dresser or perhaps the view from your window.  This time you are acknowledging the blessings in your surroundings.  Give thanks.

When you start your day off appreciating what you have you’ll discover that you have a better attitude towards the day in general and whatever may come your way.

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