Open Up!

For Christmas one year Jack gave me skydiving lessons.  I had always dreamed of free-falling and experiencing that adrenaline rush.   My dream became my reality one beautiful Saturday morning. My skydiving experience was a tandem jump which means that I was attached to my instructor.  Falling through the sky at 200’/second before the parachute ever opens is a thrill beyond explanation.

I scheduled a 2nd jump and this time it was up to me to pull the ripcord.  I was so enamored with free-falling that the thought of opening my parachute escaped me.  This is when we give thanks to jumping tandem!

We all have times when we live in our own world and are oblivious of those around us.  Whether we are jumping from a plane, engrossed in a good book, hiking in the mountains or immersed is a challenging project at work we can be oblivious of the events around us.

If you discover that you are so focused that you forget to pull the ripcord to bring you back into the world around you… you may want to try one of these Simple Steps:

  • Get UP…Get Out!   This is a great tool especially if you have been tied to your computer too long.  Stand up…and walk away from what ever you are doing.  Take a loop around your floor or go outside and enjoy the sunshine.  A short 5 minute break not only draws you out…it helps you clear your mind.   When you go back to what you were working on you may just discover the key you were looking for.
  • Enlist a friend.  If you know that you get easily engrossed and put off other responsibilities…ask a family member or friend to check in on you.  Agree that when they call or show up wherever you may be that it is your sign to move on.

Our lives are exposed to people and opportunities that sit just outside our comfort zone.  When you open your mind and open up your focus you may just find what something that you want has been waiting for you to just look up!

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