Our Journey to Happiness

I am happiest when I have a good book to read and can sit outside and look at the mountains.  The latter isn’t possible where I current live…but that will change.  Jack is happiest when he is outside in the mountains with a camera in hand.  It’s the mountains were our paths converge (ok there are other places too!)
(Photography by Jack)

In the last few months I’ve reconnected with dozens of folks that I attended high school with…some that I knew well…others that I barely knew.  All of them however I’d lost touch with over the last 35 + years.    What is interesting to see though is how all of our lives have evolved.  It is also nice that at this stage of our lives we have nothing to prove like we thought that we did back then and are happy for each other.   A true blessing of age and wisdom!

As I look at these friends it is great to see those who clearly aspired from a young age to a goal have achieved it.  We have musicians, writers, teachers, lawyers, doctors and even a football coach who have all lived their dreams.  Many more grew into their lives and have arrived at a place where they are content.  Still others of us are still searching for our calling yet enjoying the journey.

I am grateful for the intersection of our lives and thrilled at the realization of our diverse dreams.  There is however nothing more inspiring then to see the happiness and joy in our lives.

Reach out to those people that you have lost touch with.  Whether they are friends or relatives…you may just discover how much they have missed having you in their life.  While your paths may have taken you in different directions experiencing their happiness vicariously through them is nothing short of amazing!

Try these Simple Steps to reconnect:

  • Facebook is one of the largest social networks.  You can search for a person by name…and refine that search in several ways.  (Location, schools attended, companies worked for).  When you find a friend connect to them.
  • Linked In is a great professional network.  If you worked with someone search by his or her name or by the name of the company.  hen you find them add them to your network.

You never know where that connection may lead both of you.  Enjoy the journey!

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