“My past is my wisdom to use today. . . my future is my wisdom yet to experience. Be in the present because that is where life resides.”  – Gene Oliver, Life and the Artistry of Change

Before I start out 2010 and a list of New Year’s Resolutions it seems appropriate to reflect on the past year…and to bring closure on a few things. Jack & I celebrated 30 years together.  He is the love and the light of my life. I am grateful that he is healthy and any issue that arises is easily remedied.

My family is closer together…whether due to location or communication…it is comforting to have them in my life again.

This year was dominated by my separation from Safeco after near 25 years.  In any acquisition you hope that the heart & soul of the company can survive.  When it doesn’t then moving on is the best thing to do.  I am grateful for my years there and the good friends that remain in my life.  Just as importantly I am grateful to move on and leave what I did there behind.  It was never my calling.

I have had the time to explore different opportunities and figure out what I want my future to be.  I am grateful to realize both what I want and don’t want.  For it is in that contrast that I have gained clarity.  It is with this that I’ve found my voice and my passion for writing.

And lastly, we have been challenged for many years by our Ohio investment properties and the events of 2009 have set up to relinquish the properties in 2010.  While not the scenario that we would have liked I am grateful that next year will bring closure to this chapter of our lives.  Lessons learned.

There is nothing that I can do to change my past…my future is to be discovered.  In my “now” I am content, at peace with myself and the events of my life, confident that I can deal with whatever comes my way and most importantly, I am happy.

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