A Time to Forgive

We are 5 short days away from 2010.  What baggage would you like to leave behind so that you can spread your wings and fly?

Over the last 9 months my life has changed drastically.  In this time however I’ve had a chance to reflect on where my life is right now.  I’ve come to realize that I’ve caged myself in with the anger and disappointment that I’ve held on to.  It is time to forgive…

It is the person who forgives that is freed…not necessarily the person being forgiven.  That person may not even know that they needed to be forgiven!

“Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” –   A Course in Miracles.

We all have different perspectives.  When you feel that someone has hurt you they may  have no idea why you are upset.   It is the rare person that sets out to hurt you intentionally.  More than likely they weren’t thinking about it the way you were.

There are only 2 Simple Steps here….Step 1 – Forgive   Step 2  – Forget.   I never said that they were easy…however if you take them…you will experience Real Change…in your life!

To start off my new year I am freeing myself from my self imposed cage.Would you give up that grudge if it meant that you could move forward?

In the end we choose to be happy…or we choose to be miserable.  I choose happiness.  I hope you do to!

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