Sometimes You Need to Come First

Helping others has always been a motivating factor for me.   I have needed to feel that I am making a difference…whether that was in someone’s life or in my job.  When you help others you ultimately help yourself.  There however may come a time when you have to come first.

There are plenty of people who need our help…yours & mine.  If you are like me you want to do what you can when you see people without a safe place to live or children going without a good meal.

With the economy the way that it is perhaps you are struggling with your own financial challenges or are concerned that your future is not as secure as you had hoped that it would be.  In these times when you are conflicted because of personal worries and the need to help others it is a good time to step back and find a better way.

Resist using your credit card to donate to a charity if you know that you can’t pay off that charge with the next billing cycle.  Instead try some of these Simple Steps to give while still protecting your need for security:

  • Collect all the spare change that has been sitting around in jars and drawers. Take it to your bank to be counted and then take the grand total and donate it to your favorite charity.
  • Donate your points. Some credit cards give you points for your purchases.  Rather than buy something for yourself donate the points to your favorite charity.
  • Start a fund drive.  Involve your friends and community.  Collect books and then take them in to Half Price Books who will give you cash for them.  Donate the cash to a charity.

It is absolutely OK to come first when it comes to your financial security! With a little creativity you can meet both your needs and those who you want to help.

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