Random Acts of Kindness

fairy with magic wand and snowflakesFriday I took my Mother to the doctor.  She’d had surgery on a broken arm and she would finally be able to get out of the bandages she’d been wearing for 2 weeks.  Afterwords we had errands to do and stopped for lunch at a restaurant in town which neither of us had ever been to.

I’d been up for the better part of 36 hours and was fading fast.  For Mom we’d been out and about for a while and she just needed coffee and time to sit down.  We were having a good conversation when our waitress came up and told us that our lunch had been paid for by the gentleman at the next table.

Mom & I were both stunned.  I turned to him to say “Thank you” and he leaned over and said that God blessed my Mother.  I agreed.  A few minutes later when he stood up to leave I went over to Thank him again and shake his hand.  We wished each other Merry Christmas and went our separate ways.

The waitress came back and told us that this man comes in frequently.  He always picks out another table and buys their lunch.  It didn’t cost him much…a few dollars…his act of kindness however touched our hearts and we left there with great appreciation for how such a simple act could change the lives of others. We will now be paying it forward to others that we meet…because we can.  It took this wonderful gentleman to open our hearts.  I am sure that he has opened the hearts of every person that he has touched!

Here are some Simple Steps (Random Acts of Kindness) that we could try:

  • Buy the milk for the new Mom in line behind you.
  • Pick up the tab for the car in line behind you at Starbucks.
  • Take some of the Christmas cookies that you have baked to the nurses on staff at your local hospital.
  • When you are sweeping the walk in front of your apartment continue sweeping until your neighbors walks are clean too.

Random Acts of Kindness don’t need to cost money or take much time.  However with each one comes a reward for the person that you have touched and for you.  Helping others always nourishes the soul!

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