Cut Back on Holiday Financial Stress

Do you enjoy your holidays and the season only to stress over the money that you spent doing so?  Do you want your family to feel the joy in this season and feel that you need to make it even more special than the previous year?

You are not alone…

When you have spent years enjoying the holidays, the shopping, finding the perfect tree, baking, entertaining and being merry changing your ways isn’t just hard it’s depressing. Glamour Shopping

With the season in full swing throttling back on your plans takes not only your commitment but also the understanding of your family & friends.  How likely are you to be in convincing them to make the change today?

Rather than trying cutting back or eliminating at this late date consider these Simple Steps to help reduce your stress:

  • Shop on line.  Look for retailers who don’t charge for shipping and those who don’t charge sales tax (because the laws allow them to do so.)  A great example of this is B & H Photo in New York.  You can buy the exact Apple computer that you can from your local Apple Store, have it delivered for free, and unless you live in NY you won’t pay sales tax.  Check them out here:
  • Eliminate or reduce the number of items that you purchase with a credit card.  Unless you are high disciplined and pay your credit cards off every month you end up paying more for your purchase.  For example if you buy a new flat panel television for $1999 and put it on your credit card with an 18% interest rate and make only the minimum payment of $49.70 and it will take you 184 months to pay it off.  In the end you will have spent $2,455.20!  That’s a whopping $456.20 in interest!  What could you be using that $456 for?  Did you really want to make the banks richer?  You can figure this out for your own purchases by using the calculator here:
  • Do you have a credit card that gives you “points” for all of your purchases?  How about using the points that you have accrued to buy a gift or two.  The cash stays in your pocket and you put the points to good use.

Start with a Simple Step this year and we’ll plan ahead for next year!

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