How Much is Enough?

As I was driving home today thet phrase, “How much is enough”  popped into my head with respect to the holiday shopping sprees that ensue.   I use to ask this question when I had to make a decision at work.  Would having more data improve the quality of my decision.

Will buying your child one more toy or gadet improve their quality of life?  Will it make them a better person?  Will it encourage their creative side?  Will it give them skills to be successful in life?  Or is buying that one more “thing” keeping up with the Jones, compensating for your working long hours or even helping them see you as the cool parent?

What about your spouse?  Is buying them that 72″ TV going to improve your happiness together?   Sure their enjoyment of watching a football game may be enhanced…but is that worth either the price of the TV or the time that you don’t spend together?

You’ve heard it a million times that money doesn’t buy happiness but at this time of the year there is a fervor to just do that.

Seniors on the Beach

What if rather than focusing on giving more “things” you gave more of yourself?  Instead of buying the latest, greatest Xbox game you planned time alone with your child or significant other?   Every Wednesday night would be your night away from the computer, telephone or TV.   Plan a movie & dinner “date”, a walk in the park or even a ski or beach day (if you live close to one.)  Start a new family tradition of “game night” or really anything that would set time aside for you to be with those people who are most important in your life.

There is no substitute for giving of yourself.  Your children are going to remember the love you shared not the game that you bought them.  Your spouse is going to cherish those quiet moments together…not that you bought them something on Ebay.

Holiday traditions will continue and I’m not suggesting a radical change.   This is about “Simple Steps”…and giving a gift of you costs nothing & requires little effort.  The memories…the love…the joy…priceless!

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