Start All Over

‘Cause sometimes we don’t really notice just how good it can get…so maybe we should start all over, start all over again.”

These are the lyrics from Rob Thomas’ “Someday.”  I heard them this weekend…and I can’t get them out of my head.

Throughout our lives we look to our past and examine our failures.  We decide that if we failed at something before we’re going to fail again. We allow our past to determine our future. In doing so we miss “how good it can get.”

What if…just what if…we choose to ignore the past? What if we chose not to “go back” and relive our perceived failures.

What if we started all over and chose to exist in the right now? What if we make a decision right now that we were going to do what was necessary to accomplish our goals and dreams?

What if starting all over again turns out to be the best thing that you could do for you?  Would you be willing to set aside reliving your past to realize your dreams and experience how good your life is?

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